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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 9, 2017 11:00am-11:28am PDT

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units. this morning, a woman called security about something small she found. at around 3:00 a.m. >> i saw a baby, and she was like i just found him over there. >> reporter: this security guard said the little boy was just wearing a dieper. >> >> and he was really dirty. muddy. >> reporter: he and the woman checked nearby apartment doors to see if they were open in an effort to find the parents. paramedics soon arrived and took care of the two-year-old boy. >> he was like calling his mom and dad. that's the only thing he was saying in spanish. >> reporter: the boy was checked outero the department of family and child services. just after 10:00 this morning, the san jose police department tweeted thisut, the guardian of the two-year-old boy found earlier this morning has been located nearby. thank you to everyone who assisted. san jose police say they're now interviewing the guardian to determine what the next steps will be in this case. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you.
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developing news, growing tensions with north korea. president trump going head to head with the communist dictator, kim jong-un. both are ramping up threats. we have team coverage starting with abc news reporter emily rau in washington. >> north korea best not make anymore threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. >> reporter: an overt military threat from president trump turning up the dial on nuclear tensions with north korea and their leader, kim jong-un, not backing down. overnight, pyongyang responding, saying, it's seriously considering a plan to target guam, a small pacific island home to crucial american militaryore than 7,000 u.s. forces. >> an attack or threat on guam is a threat or attack on the united states. >> reporter: the heightened tensions coming after the latest assessment from u.s. intelligence analysts who now believe north korea can make
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miniature nuclear warheads, small enough to fit inside n a intercontinental ballistic missile. >> they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> reporter: president trump's heated rhetoric met with criticism and concern by some -- >> the question now is does this ramp up? does the rhetoric continue to ramp up or do things calm down? the next few days will be critical. >> reporter: wednesday morning, secretary of state rex tillerson trying to calm frayed nerves. >> i think americans should sleep well at night. i have no concerns about this particular rhetoric over the last few days. >> reporter: and video shows tens of thousands of north koreans at a rally today, a show of support for the country's rejection ofnew, crippling, u.n. sanctions. and president trump tweeting about the u.s. nuclear arsenal this morning saying it's ever, hopefully we never have to use this power. emily rau, abc news, washington.
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>> but with the nuclear threat looming large, dozens in theay l to an end to such weapons. protesters are outside the lab on this anniversaryf the u.s. bombing of nagasaki. tiffany wilson is live in >>li rveeprmorortee,r: kristen, protest is still going on, if you look over here, you can see the chalk outlicense of many bodies and then some who continue to lay on the ground performing a die-in. others have lined up outside of the gates preparing to be peacefully arrested. hand painted posters promote messages of peace as many fear the potential of war. >> i'm terrified that we are on the brink of launching a nuclear war. >> reporter: the rally commemorates the anniversary of the attendeesrosted outside. >> there should not be business as usual at livermore nuke weapons lab. >> reporter: former planner
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daniel elsburg says the recent rhetoric between the united states and north korea could fag ha veconsequences. >> we could stumble in the way of world war i happened, actually. with both sides provoking and taking moves and feeling they had to preempt. >> reporter: he doesn't feel the threat is any greater today than it was last week. >> i think about the specific ryse of anoerth c the ability to hit us with nuclear weapons, we've lived with that now for over half a century. >> reporter: he survived the atomic bombing of hiroshima when he was eight. he lost his family and his eyesight. today, he shared the last thing his father said to him. >> you know the greatest way to avenge your enemy is to learn t forgive. >> reporter: forgiveness instead of fire and fury. >> reporter: the crowd cheers
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every time someone is arrested. the livermore city police are citing them for unlawful assembly and say 50 people plan to be arrested. live in livermore, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> tiffany, thank you. you can get updates on the escalating tensions with north korea with the abc 7 news app. download it for free and enable developments as they happen. also new developments this morning regarding that close wllhen a pilot mistook a taxi way for a runway. a key piece of evidence has been erased. the air canada jet nearly landed on top of planes lining up to take off on the taxiway. now sources tell abc 7 news the voice recording was deleted. air canada's delay reporting the neaedr miss to the ntsb allowed the recorder to tape over itself several times before investigators came looking for it. federal officials have said there was no requirement to immediately report that runway
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incident. also new developments in a deadly officer-involved shooting in south san francisco in may. the san mateo county county couy that the act lawfully. the officers say john eno was outside his home on may 23rd and refused to drop his weapon. they say they heard him load the gun and feared for their safety. when theyped fire. happening now, pge crews are in campbell trying to get power back on to a neighborhood that went dark after a large crane fell on a house. crews brought another crane into the neighborhood on sandra way earlier this morning to upright the fallen crane. it was also leaking some kindf . this is sky 7 video now from yesterday. the large piece of equntmeip c li pping two backyard sheds before crashing on to the roof of ahouse. no one was hurt. the neighborhood is running on a
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generator right now. new morning, suspect wanted rfo belmont is under arrest. officers took this 27-year-oldfr the union city b.a.r.t. station before 12:25 this morning. he is accused of 24-year-old man early saturday morning at an apartment cox.lem not yet been recovered. new details in the google diversity memo rsy. the man who wroteveco thero mem he filed a complaint with the national labor relations board before he was fedir monday. james damore was subjected to coercive statements while at google. women don't have the biological make-up to succeed in silicon valley, at least in the same types of jobs. google said it violated the company's code of conduct. but damore claims it was illegal, retaliation against the labor complaint. google says it knew nothing about the complaint.
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damore is now considering legal action. google's ceo will address the staff about the controversy in a town hall tomorrow. next at 11:00, the fbi ramping up it's investigation into the trump campaign's possible ties with russia. the raid on a key campaign associate. also newefrt to build affor housing for teachers in the south bay. and the new report that will have you thinking twice before grabbing a soda out of the fridge. and did you notice that extra amount of this willri d zmorning, still causing delays into sfo of about an hour and one minute. here's a quickkteoo leratures at degrees below average and it looks like franklin's going to be a devastating hurricane when it hits mexico later tonight. i'll have the details on that also. annabelle at the drive-thru. >> oh, my
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we're tracking developing news out of paris. shootout has ended with the arrest of a man wanted for ramming his car into a group of french soldiers. at least six were hurt, but they're all expected to survive. authorities caught the suspect on a french highway after he was spotted speeding to the port city. they say this morning's attack was deliberate, no word on a motive. police say the suspect plowed his car into thes they w post to begin a new shift. this is the sixth attack on french police and military forces this year. new morning, a raid on former trump campaign chairman paul manafort's home.
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abc news has learned the fbi served a search warrant on manafort's virginia home late last mo from the investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign and the russian government. a spokesperson for manafort says the 68-year-old has consistently cooperated with law enforcement. new this morning, tiger woods is said to enter a dui diversion program in florida. home this past may. the one year program in palm beach allows woods to k dui down to ano the reckless dr count. the golfer did not appear at the hearing today. his next hearing is set for october 25th, that's likely the first time we'll actually see him in court for this case. fo unconscious in his car about 15 miles from his home in jupiter. new developments in an effort to build affordable housing for teachers in san jose. early this morning, the city ciuncol plan. three councilmen opposed the
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proposal in that vote. a woman who owns a vacant commercial lot on lincoln avenue wanted it rezoned to build 14 affordable residential units for teachers. opponents, including the mayor, argued the commercial land should be used for businesses and rezoning it could be a slippery slope that leads to more rezoning. next at 11:00, soda drinkers, listen up, if you're putting on pounds, your favorite fizzy beverage may be to blame. why just cutting one soda eve da huge difference. and live look right now with our emeryville camera across the bay. it's gray. even somewhat drizzly in many places throughout. meteorologist miko'coming up with the
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the upcoming solar eclipse, that's now just 12 days away. andicil santson to make sure every child gets to enjoy it. google has promised to ship more than two million eclipse glasses to public libraries across the country. it's also working to provide 15,000 glasses to schools on august 21st, a total eclipse will be visible along a path between salem, oregon, and charleston, south carolina. so here in the bay area, we'll see about 75% of the sun covered by the moon. if you're still finding your spot to watch the eclipse, abc 7 news is here to help. just go to our website, abc 7 for a list of seven ways to watch it where you live. all right, do not stare without the glasses. >> about 100 yards that way. >> okay.
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yeah. it's going to be during the shift in the morning. hi everybody, it's going to start at about 9:01. and then, it's going to peek with that 75% that about 10:15, then 11:37, it's over. cool thing, even the shadows will be in the shape of what is missing of the sun. it was really cool. i remember last time it came through, just phenomenal. i c if you want to go up to a high place like that, you better glet early. emeryville, it's pretty cloudy out there. below arch and the clouds will vary from sunny to mostly cloudy at the coast. a lot like yesterday. cool, clouds, and drizzle all coming back tonight. and even cooler highs coming first part of next al.lekwe bei from alaska in the form of a krrmt. 74 and 79 through the south bay in san mid-80s, about 70 in santa cruz. everybody else, 70 to 737 on th 63, 65 in downtown san
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francisco. 78 to 81 through the nthlleys a. 67 to 75 from north to south along the east bay shore and 84 to about 8 iustn opened up, 11: morning, sonoma county fair, 66 degrees, clouds are opening also. about 80 at 7:00. grab a jacket if you'll be out there. you'll need sunglasses, not a jacket at the coliseum day game. 12:37, warming to 69, a little less sunshine, little breezier and a little bit cooler for the cubs and giants wrapping up at 12:45, 60 to 65 degrees. let's look at the way the days break down. some sunshine there, you could see mostly sunny at 12:00 and 4:00, temperatures jumping from the low to mid-70s into the low to upper 70s away from the coast. and 60s just about everywhere at 8:00 and 50s and 60s by midnight. lows tonight, 57 to about62 j p what's going on with franklin. it is increasing in strength. it's now 70 miles per houtus j .
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which it will become over the next couple of hours. then it slams into the eastern parts of mexico, and then it just rains. i mean, we're talking, look at these, we don't even have colors on our legend, it's getting up so high, to 15 inches from mexico city to there. there's going to be flooding and mud slides and unfortunately probably lives lost. here's a look at the forecast. pretty quiet here, all the way ro little bit cooler, and then the cold front drops into the 60s and 70s for monday and tuesday. kristen. >> sounds good, mike. new report out this midday will have you thinking twice before you grab a soda from the fridge or vending machine. jessica castro from abc 7 mornings have simple tips on how to fight the one drink at a time. >> reporter: hi kristen, yes, new study published in consumer reports suggests cutting out just one soda a day could have a huge impact on your health and it's because of all the sugar it contains.
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okay, if you're drinking one 20-ounce soda a day for a year, it's the equivalent of, listen to this -- >> help me with the big reveal here. >> no way. >> this is in a year. this is what it adds up to. 119 cups of sugar in a year, that is the equivalent of 52 pounds. this is a big problem. >> huge problem. isn't that staggering? we need the glucose, but certainly not that much. if you have too much sugar, here's how your body can react. inflammation, cause stress due oxidation from the brain to the heartle to the kidney. and here's what you can do to easily cut down on your soda intake if you can't go cold turkey, and you're craving some sort of sugar, you might to want try a sports drink. because if you substitute a can of soda for a sports drink for an entire year, you could lose actually six pounds in a year.
11:21 am
just by doing that simple swap. okay, what if you do coffee instead? if you swap out the soda for coffee, in a year, you could lose nine and a half pounds. just by doing that. and then, of course, if you go with straight water, which would certainly be your healthiest choice, then get this,ld loseouou up y c to 14 pounds in year. so bottom line, kristen, don't drink your calories. back to you. >> and not too much sugar in my coffee, of course. >> skip the sugar. that's the best bet. >> thank you. the dream of playing in the little league world series is still alive for the canyon creek all-star team. they'll play again today at the western regionals in san bernardino. the 11 and 12-year-old stars bounced back from their opening game loss by defeating a team from chandler, arizona, yesterday, david and aden led the way with back to back solo homers in the third inning. canyon creek has to win four moreind of capture this round of it, and then advance to the world series and
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in williamsport, pennsylvania. go canyon creek. new hampshire couple just became training partners for life. they tied the knot in a venue that well, makes sense for them. and american idol's coming to abc 7 this fall. auditions held in oakland sunday august 20th. i chancecan idol bus wouhebel l to be a star, but you don't have to wait, you can audition online now. we have a link to the application at
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coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00. new questions about that meatless burger that looks and tastes like real meat. could the government pull the plug imssible burger? and looming deadline over these dots. homes are at risk and enforcement nightmare awaits. the story tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. forget wedding uple chose k their special day. doug and amanda tied the knot at a cross fit in new hampshire. they say this is where they met and grew stronger as a couple. their wedding day started with a heart pumping workout complete with push-ups and lifting. they changed whileordue g the g.
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>> meant to be cross-fit themes. everything was like candles and kettlendel b then lots of lights and tulle. >> i can't describe it. so elated. >> it wasn't typical, but doug and amanda, the day couldn't have gone better. you know, the couple that works out together stays together. >> could you imagine getting ready for your wedding at gym? >> no, and i couldn't imagine being a guest too. would we have to do the workouts. >> drop and give me 20. >> i just to want eat. from all of us here, thanks for joining us.
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